Frequent Asked Quetion

Kulcar Frequent Asked Quetion

Q1:Where can I buy Kulcar in Taiwan?
A1: Kulcar can be found in many real and online shops, click Shop for the list.

Q2: Will there be any differences between installing Kulcar on front or back side windows?
A2:The cooling effect will remain the same; however, since back side windows have smaller curves, we recommend installing Kulcar there.

Q3:Will the cooling effect be even better if I install more Kulcar?
A3:Kulcar guarantees the cooling effect, and to manifest that, we suggest installing 2 Kulcar for a 4-door car.

Q4: What if I lost the rubber strips or cut it wrong?
A4: Please contact the shop where you purchased Kulcar or call us (+886 3 3322966)

Q5:Do I need to uninstall Kulcar when driving?
A5: It's up to you! If you choose not to uninstall, we recommend putting the solar panel vertically against the window when driving.