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2013-08-27 [News] Kulcar solar in-car poison-expelling cooling ventilator click
2013-07-22 [News]Chemical substances inside a car can be harmful click
2013-07-22 [News]UK heat wave took 760 lives in 6 days click
2013-05-01 [Activity]  Capture Kulcar's ad for free Kinder Joy Egg click
2013-02-19 [News]  Over 3-minute idling motorbikes will be fined for NT$3,000 since today click
2012-11-22 [News]  Made in Taiwan: Kulcar - Solar Car Cooler click
2012-11-16 [News]  Toxic Benzene in Parked Cars? click
2012-09-27 [Activity]  NT$500  7-11 coupon rebate policy. click
2012-06-11 [News]  Famous Comedian Zhi-Yuan Tai invests in technology company. click
2012-06-11 [News]  Best in Tech.-German technology report. click
2012-06-05 [Activity]  Computex TAIPEI 2012 click